Driving efficiencies to your business through back office services

The Agilex approach to back office services focuses on improving the productivity, quality, and structure of your finance, recruitment and human resource departments so growing the business can be your number one priority. Back office tasks, repetitive but necessary, are not the core of your business but are vital for success and affect the overall competency of the organization.

Agilex Back Office Services is your solution to drive efficiencies within these departments as we are dedicated to understanding your company's needs—giving you time to focus on what you do best and helping you meet your business goals.


At Agilex Back Office Services, we understand that at any given time department demands can vary depending on factors such as time of year, marketplace, revenue growth, etc. Our team can assist with identifying those changes to help you manage and allocate resources accordingly. We offer solutions to support our clients with expanding operations, establishing processes to execute accounts payable payments, or to simply meet monthly payroll deadlines.

Agilex Back Office Services provides its clients with insight into their financial procedures while effectively managing costs. Engaging Agilex for your back office services gives you additional time and energy to focus on your core competencies, allowing our team to focus on the rest. Every customer has unique needs and we recognize the importance in customizing the correct solutions.


Agilex positions its employees to be able to work and partner across industries and with various companies. As a result, best practices are shared and utilized for its customers. We find that these opportunities to collaborate enhances the knowledge transfer to our customers as well as our partners.

Service Benefits Include:  

Targeted reduction in operating expenses

Resources available for short term needs

Ability to relieve ‘backlog’ in back office positions

Access to additional services and technology to drive efficiencies

And many more!